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Where I am Now

The truth is I have not been consistent with my workouts and healthy eating for months. I have been stress eating lately, which has led to eating more and working out less. Yes, I have gained some weight, not as much as before I started my weight loss journey but enough to make feel uncomfortable. […]

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Discontinuing Or Taking A Break From Social Media

I have learned to disconnect from social media to refocus on myself. Social media is good and bad but we all need to take time to disconnect from social media to refocus on ourselves. You can discontinue for a day or two, or a week. It depends on you. Last month I did a week […]

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Naturally relief for Seasonal Allergies and Insomnia

I am sharing my cure for seasonal allergies and lack of sleep with the use of essential oil therapy. A couple years ago, I found out from an ENT doctor that I have allergies. My allergies were not seasonal but year round. The allergy symptoms I suffered from were congestion, fatigue, itchy skin, sneezing and […]

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Jamaican Ackee & Saltfish

Ingredients: Salt fish/ Cod Fish 1 can of Double Deuce Ackee One half onion diced One plum tomato diced Sprinkle salt Sprinkle black pepper 2 tablespoon of cooking oil or more   Cooking the saltfish Soak the saltfish in cold water for 1 hour to 2 hours in order to help remove some of the […]

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Rose Wine Mansion

The second event I went to was Rose Wine Mansion on September 5, 2018 at 4:00 pm. In order to get tickets, you have to order online. The tickets cost $35 to $45.  Rose Wine Manson is located @ 445 5th Ave, New York, NY. When I arrived at the Rose Wine Mansion I received […]

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Keisha’s Bloating Tips

Why I am getting bloated? No one likes the feeling of being bloated. The number one reason why is because it’s uncomfortable. I hate when I feel bloated from my period or when my body is retaining more water from me consuming more sodium and eating certain foods. Bloating is an issue we are all […]

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Candytopia New York

At the end of August, one of my friends at work mentioned the pop up museum where everything is created out of candies. In order to get tickets, you have to order online. The tickets cost $34 for adults and $26 for kids (4-12).  Candytopia is located @ Penn Plaza 145 W 32nd Street New […]

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Jamaican Curry Chicken

Jamaican Curry Chicken Ingredients Blue mountain Jamaican Curry powder 1 Tbsp Half piece of onion Sprinkle salt to taste Chicken cut in small pieces Sprinkle Accent seasoning Sprinkle Complete seasoning Sazon Garlic -1 crushed Fresh dry tithes – as much as desired Half scallion cut in pieces 1 scotch bonnet pepper for spicy taste (optional) […]

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My Tips to Prevent Burnout at your job

Practice self-care- We sometimes work 12 hour shifts, with no break. We stuff our faces with unhealthy food and more coffee than regular human beings should ever digest, to stay wake. We sleep in extremely uncomfortable positions during our break. After our 12 hour shift, we stop caring for our patients and begin caring for […]

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How to control food craving

I went to a seminar in July about Obesity, Diet, and Behavior. In the seminar, the speaker discussed ways to control food cravings. Food craving is an intense desire to consume a specific food and it’s different than normal hunger. The ways to control food craving are mentioned below: Drinking water before eating. The speaker […]

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