Rose Wine Mansion

The second event I went to was Rose Wine Mansion on September 5, 2018 at 4:00 pm. In order to get tickets, you have to order online. The tickets cost $35 to $45.  Rose Wine Manson is located @ 445 5th Ave, New York, NY.

When I arrived at the Rose Wine Mansion I received a plastic wine cup with Rose wine Mansion label on it. I love the setup of the Rose Wine Mansion because with this plastic wine cup I was able to wander into 14 different rooms in the mansion. In the rooms I received some wine; learn the history of wine, science of the beverage. Each room was set up to transport you to a different place and time. The staff was very great.

The rooms in the mansion were great for photos because of great lighting and decor. At the end of the event you can buy the wine you sample in the rooms. Also, there is a bar and a lounge area downstairs so you can sit and chill. I really enjoy myself from taking pictures in each different room to swinging from the chandelier. I highly recommend this place because of the amazing scenery and tasting of the wine.


“People will quit on you. You gotta get up everyday and make sure you never quit on yourself”. Stay on the journey if that means walking alone. Fight for what you want because nobody is going to fight for you. We all have 12 hours; it’s how we use it that matters. We have three more months of this year, so push yourself harder. Don’t wait for the beginning of the New Year to start putting in the work in. Time is moving with you or without you so make a choice.


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