Please Stay Home

These are the working conditions in the hospital during the quarantine.  ICU beds are filled to capacity and nurses are burnt out. Nurses are on their feet for long shifts without taking a break.  I remember sitting in my car after a 12 hour shift thinking about how much my feet hurt.  I walked so much it felt like I had just run a marathon. Some mornings after work I have found myself crying because my job as become a war zone: pumps are running low and nurses have no time to chart.  They just keep hanging medications and patients are dying without their loved ones- only with the sound of the monitor alarm.

Nurse’s faces are breaking out because they have to wear masks for long shifts under stressful conditions.  That has become our new normal. When nurses remove the masks sometime they do not recognize their own faces because of the marks left by those masks. Wearing the mask makes me dehydrated and I have to chug water before I put my mask back on.

Nurses are grateful for the community support, food donation and video calls. Nurses love the support because we all are in this together.

I am begging you please stay home and follow social distancing rules because “I stayed at work for you”, “You stay at home for us”


 My coworker Stephanie’s face when she removes the mask.



My coworker Lecille’s experience about working in covid-19.


My coworker Angeli’s experience about working in covid-19.







Please stay home because this is not a joke, it’s life or death.   My unit below!!



A prayer for Front Liners from YouVersion 

Heavenly Father, thank You for the frontliners caring for, protecting, and serving our communities, our families, and us. Thank You for these servant leaders, called to this work, trained for such a time as this, daily risking their own health and safety for others.

Please protect them from harm. Give them courage and strength. Draw close, Lord, and let them feel Your presence throughout the long hours they are working.

Father, please provide everything they need, both for the people they are serving and for their loved ones. Surround them with people who will help and support them and their families, even as they selflessly care for others.

You said we would face troubles in this world, but also that You had overcome it. Please work together with our frontliners, Lord, to ultimately bring about the best outcome possible.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen


Shout out to my team CCU at  New York Presbyterian  Hospital . Amazing things are happening right here!!



2 Comments on “Please Stay Home”

  1. Hi Keisha, Thank you sooo much for sending this. Most people have no idea what is going on in hospitals like NYP right now. The only reason I have even the faintest idea what you’re going through is that I experienced how hard you all work in the BEST of times. The dedication and sense of duty…and love. I tell everyone how amazing you all are. How I only have the best memories of being in the unit. Whenever I enter the hospital, I feel safe and secure. Like nobody there would let anything bad happen to me. I’m doing fantastic, thanks to all of you. My transplant was April 26. Everything has gone as well as it possibly could. Please tell me what I can send you, do for you…. I’m serious! I would love to see you all. That will happen someday. Until then, please stay safe. I’m praying for you! All my best, Bobbie


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