The Benefit Of Stretching

Do you stretch before a workout?

Stretching is very important before a workout because it helps to warm up the body and improve circulation. Stretching prepare the body for the workout ahead. Stretching before a workout prevents he or she from injuries and muscle sores. It helps flexibility and range of motion. If you decide not to stretch before a workout you are increasing your risk for injuries and your calf will be aching and cramp up more.

What about after a workout, do you stretch?

After the workout stretching is my favorite stretching because I get to stretch out the muscle me kind of workout to reduce muscle sores and prevent muscle strain. After workout stretching helps lower my heart, help me focus on my breathing, help me center myself. Also, stretching help me recover back to normal so, I can workout again. As you get older, it’s important to stretch in the morning when we get up reduces sores and prevent stiffness of our joints to increase mobility because we do a lot of walking and our bodies’ experiences a lot of wear and tear as we age. Please remember to stretch before and after a workout.

“Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life. Failure comes when we shrink from them”.  On Monday, I was dressed in multiple layers because it’s very cold outside. I went to my neighborhood Laundromat to wash my clothes and while my clothes was being washed I decided to do some random stretching. I made up some workout exercise because I was bored. My stretch and Laundromat workout were so good that I ripped my old jeans. He or she don’t need a special place to workout, just your body and whatever equipment is available at the time; don’t be afraid to move your body.


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