Naturally relief for Seasonal Allergies and Insomnia

I am sharing my cure for seasonal allergies and lack of sleep with the use of essential oil therapy. A couple years ago, I found out from an ENT doctor that I have allergies. My allergies were not seasonal but year round. The allergy symptoms I suffered from were congestion, fatigue, itchy skin, sneezing and coughing. Basically feeling like crap all the time. The worst part is that I would be tired before I started working my 12 hour shift. I felt I did not have the strength to take care of patients, and at the end of night I would feel exhausted. My allergies were so bad that I called out sick multiple times. The allergies caused me to lose my voice two times. I often had fever and multiple respiratory infections because of my allergies. I got tested by ENT, and was told that I was allergic to some trees, mold and dust mites. I got the allergy shot as ENT recommended. I did not get relief from symptoms immediately so I used essential oils. My favorite essential oils are peppermint and lavender. I love the peppermint oil because it treats seasonal allergy symptoms by reducing congestion. Also, peppermint oil provides great relief for colds and sinuses.

According to Dr, peppermint oil is one of the best reliefs for seasonal allergy symptoms because it relaxes muscles in your nasal passages and helps to clear out the muck and pollen from your respiratory tract during allergy season. It’s considered one of the best essential oils for allergies because it’s an expectorant and anti-inflammatory. Another great benefit of peppermint oil is that it increases energy and increases alertness. When I used the peppermint oil, I would drop a few drops on my finger tip and smell it. Right away I would feel my congestion leaving and I would be able to breathe. Peppermint smells very minty. I always have small bottle of my peppermint oil in bag or uniform pants pocket. My mom loves peppermint oil. She uses it to relieve her headaches. She would rub her temples, forehead back and neck or just breathing in. Peppermint oil reduces most of my seasonal allergies and it’s natural.

Lavender oil is my go to essential oil therapy for helping to calm down after a 12 hour shift. It also helps to put me to sleep. Lavender’s oil is an antibacterial essential oil. A few lavender oil benefits include: reducing anxiety, stress, and relieves pain. I rub some of the lavender oil on the bottom of my feet and put some in my palms and breathe in deeply. Also, I rub it on my temples and on my body. Also, you can add it to your bath.

I hope that peppermint and lavender essential oil provide with you some relief. Both essential oils can be strong so you can dilute the oil with carrier oil. I use jojoba oil.



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  1. Thanks for your post today! My husband suffers from these allergies too. I have some essential oils. I shared your post with him and he is going to follow your advice.

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