My hiking adventure with my nurse friends.

On May 4, 2018, I met my coworkers in New Jersey for a hiking trip. The hiking trail was at State Line Lookout in Palisades Interstate Park. The hiking trail started on a flat and dirty surface. We started at the top and worked our way down. We started hiking down the white trails and I was nervous because I was scared of heights, plus this was my first hiking experience. The fact that I was wearing regular sneakers, instead of hiking boots added to my uneasiness. While we were going down the path, it started raining, so we had to be extra cautious so as not to fall. The next trail was full of steep climbs and descents on uneven rock steps. This made me fear for my safety because there were big rocks that we had to climb in order to complete the white trail. The trails are spottily marked, with some places very well marked, and others not so much. There are helpful posts with landmark distances periodically spaced between each trail.

I remembered my coworkers saying that they loved the saying on my tank top. It said “find your balance.” At this moment however, I felt off balance because although I was in good shape, this hiking trail was very difficult. I found myself holding onto the rocks for dear life as we jumped on top of other slippery, wet rocks. This place is beautiful, very high up. A slightly challenging hike, with scenic views. Lots of tree shade coverage. Nicely marked trail, not too crowded and just enough nature to feel the escape.

But all of this was nothing compared to the waterfall we saw when we reached the bottom of the trail. This waterfall was breathtaking. It was beautiful and peaceful at this place. My coworkers all gathered together and took pictures. Although the hiking was difficult, it was filled with beautiful and scenic views.  The night and day shift nurses worked together, helping each other over the high rocks. It was great teamwork, a bonding experience, plus a great full body workout. My fitbit recorded the hiking at 14,647 steps. I am very proud of my coworkers and myself, for completing this hiking trail and for them making their health a priority. I am happy I did not allow my feelings of fear to limit my potential. We started walking on the trail at 9A.M and stopped at about 12:30pm. The hike took 4 hours and totaled 5 miles.











Happy Nurses week guys!

After hiking !!


waterfall !!



we did it !!! I did it !!






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