Workouts That Have Helped Me To Lose 30 Pounds

The DVDs I used in the beginning of my weight loss journey to help me lose 30 pounds, are Insanity, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme. T25 and Core De Force are from Beach body and Cardio Kickboxing with Jeanette Jenkins from Amazon.

Popsugar Fitness is one of my favorite YouTube workout videos. Popsugar Fitness offers a variety of workouts to choose from such as boxing, yoga, cardio, barrel, low impact, and tone up workout. It also offers Abs, Butt, strength training, beginner workouts, full body, no equipment, and dance and kettle bell. The workouts range from 5 minutes to 40 minutes, which is great for me.  When I don’t have time to do a full workout I can still get in a 20 minute one. I love Popsugar Fitness because I get a good sweat and a good workout, plus it’s free.

One of my favorite workouts is the Popsugar Fitness 20 minute kettle workout. This workout increases my heart rate and gives me a good burn and sweat for 20 continuous minutes. Kettle bells are cheap and they are small so you save on space. Kettle bell workouts can be done anywhere or anytime. A person can do any workout with a kettle bell from goblet squat, swing, dead lift and press push. The benefit of the kettle bell, is that it increases body strength from head to toe because of its full body exercises. The kettle bell works every muscle, so it’s a good high intensity interval training workout. It increases your heart rate and at the same time burns a lot of calories.  The last time I did this workout, I used my fitbit watch to monitor my heart rate. On average, my heart rate was 112 beats a minute and it went as high as 146.  From this workout, I was able to burn 166 calories. I did 19 minutes in fat burn and 2 minutes in cardio, I probably could have burned more but this workout was tough and it’s been awhile since I did a full body workout with my kettle bell.


Another great YouTube video is Fitness Blender. Fitness blender offers variety of workouts such as fat burning cardio, Abs, high intensity interval training (HIIT), no equipment, strength training, beginner, and upper body, Pilates, arms, kettle bell and stretching workouts. One of the workouts I would recommend is the high intensity interval training( HIIT.) Workouts from the fitness blender are tough, but you get good sweat and good calorie burn. From the reviews, many people have lost weight and toned up by using fitness blender. Fitness Blender has a website where they offer free videos like on YouTube and offer a paid workout program service. Fitness blender website has a community that offers support and motivation to help people reach their weight loss goal.

Another great resource for working out is Pinterest, Pinterest offers many services.  You just have to type in what particular body part you want to focus on for the day such as butt, squat, arm, strength training, cardio, or abs – plus many other workouts. You can get detailed workout information on that particular area of the body. If your workouts are getting boring, please go to Pinterest and try one of their workout circuits. The “We Challenge” circuit is a 30 day challenge of squats, push ups, planks and crunches.  Also, try “Melt Fat, Build Muscle, Dumbbell Blast. You start by doing 2 rounds of 15 reps and later increasing to 3 rounds of 15.  You will get a good burn for a short period of time.

I hope my workout resource helps you jumpstart your weight loss journey. Please remember doing 10- 30 minutes workout daily is better than a zero minute’s workout. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror be strong enough to make the changes. When I started my weight loss journey, my only workout equipment included two 5 pound dumbbells, two ten pound dumbbells, a twenty pound kettle bell, yoga mat, and resistance bands.




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