self love

Today I want everyone to say to themselves, I love myself.

Let’s be honest; we are the first one to put ourselves down, saying that we cannot do it and that were not good enough or we don’t deserve better.

We are always criticizing ourselves. We do more self harm than self love. Learn to love yourself being overweight and while being healthy.

Self love is loving your body.

Self love is believing that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Self love is continuing to learn and grow. So give yourself time.

Self love is building your confidence up.

Self love is loving yourself first.

Self love is realizing that you are good enough.

Self love is knowing your worthy.

Self love is being patient with yourself.

Self love is allowing yourself to make mistakes and also being able to learn from them.

Self love is talking kind to ourselves.

Self love is being your own cheerleader.

Self love is knowing that you are your own competition.

Self  love is knowing you deserve love.

Self love is taking care of yourself.

Self love is having respect for your body.

Self love is knowing you deserve the best.

Self love is knowing you don’t have to fit in with other people because God created you to stand out.

I have realized that no one is going to make me happy but me.

Today, let’s learn to talk kindly and positive to ourselves.

My direction for you is to look in the mirror everyday and repeat:

“I am blessed, I am prosperous, I am strong, I am healthy, I am confident, I am secured, I am disciplined, I am focused, I am attractive , I am valuable , I am well- liked, I am fun to be around, I have a good personality. The right people are in my future. The right opportunities are headed my way, I will accomplish my dreams. I will overcome every obstacle. This is my time. I have God’s favor. I am enough. I am worthy. My future’s so bright, I have to put on my sunglasses!!”

I am happy , I have a great smile. My best days are in front of me and not behind. I am content in myself and God promise for me. Without faith it is impossible to please God .



“Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”. I love the expression of the little girl; she says go auntie, go auntie strut your stuff. We should have confidence to strut our stuff, whether we lose or gain weight because the weight does not define who a person is. Enjoy your life and enjoy the journey. img_1751


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