Is Your Mind Prepared To Lose Weight?

On the exterior surface is your body, You are overweight. You have health problems. You have a desire to change. The problem is your body is at 25 percent and want the change but your mind is at 5% or less. Your mind does not know how to commit to losing weight. You do not know what to do because this is all new to your mind. This is not the problem. The problem is our bodies want the changes but our mind does not know how to accomplish them. To accomplish this, we must change the way we think because our thoughts control our lives and our actions. People who are emotional eaters must ask themselves certain questions. The first is why am I eating this? Am I eating this because of stress, depression, joy or sadness? And how is this food going to make me feel afterward? Instead of emotional eating, we should tell our minds ‘let’s eat something healthy or go for walk.’ We should tell ourselves to workout or mediate’ because if we change these bad habits, overtime we will not use food to satisfy our emotional being.

When I was going through my struggles to lose the 30 pounds, I realized that it was not the exercise or the meals that had impacted my weight. It was my thinking. My mind was not ready to lose the weight. My mind was used to eating unhealthy food first and working out after. I made it a point to get my mind ready for the goal I wanted to accomplish. For instance, I would set goals for the week, such as planning out my workouts and planning out my meals. By setting small goals it gave my mind a starting point. When I did that, it gave my mind some direction to follow. But the weeks when I did nothing to help my weight loss, nothing happened.  I found myself going back to the unhealthy things. My mind had no direction, so nothing happened. The body follows what the mind tells it to do.

The best example of how to train your mind is removing the junk food and unhealthy foods in your house and replacing them with healthy foods. With the junk foods out of sight it is out of mind, a person is not going to think about eating or craving it. I believe we must train our mind. We must train our mind to lose weight. You’re mind is a muscle that you have to work on a daily basis to get stronger. A person has to take the negative thinking out of their mind and add positive one to have the change they desire.

Weight loss is 100 percent mental. If you can control your mind, you can be successful in the weight loss area as well as other areas of your life. Tell yourself ‘I don’t need that chocolate cake.’ Instead have an apple.  If you do this for couple of months and keep replacing the bad habits with good, you will be so surprised at what you accomplish. It’s been said that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit or create new habits. Please don’t be too hard on yourself because it takes time to train a mind to lose weight. Be patient with yourself and your progress. If you don’t think about eating healthy food or making healthy decisions then you’re never going to do that. It is what the mind thinks, that the body will follow.

We must train our mind to lose weight. For example, if you drink soda, replace the soda with water or seltzer, which has fewer calories. If you continue to replace the bad foods with healthy ones, eventually your mind will move naturally to a healthy way of thinking. I told my friends that I normally get up at 3pm if I work the night before to workout at home. They thought that I was crazy because I would have to work later that afternoon.  When I started that schedule, I was completely exhausted. There were days when nothing happened. I realized when I get up at 3pm, it’s my time to work on me and I love the feeling after a good workout. After many practices it’s etched in my mind to get up at 3pm each day to work out. It has become a terrific habit. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, so please train your mind to do something new today.
From January 15, 2018 to April 14, 2018 I took part in 80 Day Obsessions, a beach body workout. Here are my results…



8 Comments on “Is Your Mind Prepared To Lose Weight?”

  1. Hey Keisha, what a great blog you have on here. Thanks for motivating people to achieve their dream body shape. Stay blessed and keep up the good work.

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  2. Oh girl, you described me to a tee! I recently felt impressed to address my weight issues with establishing a vision for my goal. So glad I came across your website and look forward to your encouragement. I’m also incorporating a faith based diet program that is working wonders. I’m so happy! For more info: ​

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